Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hello, Again

Hello, again. It's been months since I've paid any attention to my blog and thought I'd make a bit of an effort to get back to it. I find it too easy to be a homebody these days, so took advantage of a recent sunny day and headed out to a local conservation area. I was rewarded by the sight of oak leaves. When I was growing up (not where I live now), I remember seeing oak trees all the time. So pretty.

Along with the wooded areas, my walk took me by areas of milkweed. I did spot an orange butterfly, which I assumed was a monarch, staying rather late in the season. Carrying on, I paused on a viewing platform by the marsh.

A stroll by the lake was also part of the trek. The woods, marshlands and a huge lake, all in an hour or so.

If you'd been with me, perhaps we would have lingered here, sitting and talking about whatever came to mind.

The moon was the incentive to head out for a stroll this evening. Various old songs have been playing in my head. Just now I thought of the lines:
The moon belongs to everyone
The best things in life are free

I hope you're enjoying the moon too.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Quiet Sunday

I thought I'd say a quick hello to you. It's a quiet day. Mya the foster cat is snoozing, laundry is swishing and the fridge is partway through a good cleaning. I'll watch Vera, sip a cup of coffee and iron away. Not exciting, I know, but there's a certain peace that comes when things around me are brought back to some kind of order.

I started to play in the garden this past week. Colours are appearing and I've been raking some leaves and pulling a few weeds. Do you have a gardening routine that you follow? Things get out of hand here, as spring turns to summer, and each year I promise myself things will be better!

Planting bulbs in previous autumns: that is an act of delayed gratification that offers a big payoff! Some flowers now and tulips to follow.

A few pansies found their way into pots. I thought this was such a pretty blue.
Also, fragrant hyacinths are blooming and magnolia buds are just about ready to flower. Spring. I love it.

I hope your new week is a good one.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Our Final Week

Welcome to the final week of Sunlit Sunday for 2016. For most of us, spring has begun (ice storms notwithstanding). Others are all set to roll into autumn. Wherever you're from, thank you for joining in this year, even if this week is your first time.

Tulips called to me this week, in colours often associated with Easter. I have some tulip leaves in the garden, but I haven't looked at them since things got a nice coating of ice a couple of days ago. I hope they survived and spring forth now that it's getting a bit warmer.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy some cut ones indoors.

Here's hoping the rabbit and mouse don't nibble them.

To those who celebrate it, Happy Easter.
To all, may this new season bring you joy.

Thank you for sharing your posts about sunlit themes over the past few months. It's been a pleasure to host this little gathering for you.
Your turn.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: The Second Last Time

Welcome to Sunlit Sunday, our second last gathering for 2016.
Spring is arriving this weekend (for some of us), so farewell to winter.

It was a gorgeous day for a long walk by the lake and a long talk with an old friend. The beginning of the week was grey, but things have turned around. Another bit of exercise was attempting to manipulate a large, past-its-prime wool area rug out of the house, into my car and up to the waste management facility. The name is grander than the former one: the dump.

I thought I'd take a photo of the opening Christmas cactus flowers and someone decided to get in on the act and steal the spotlight. The colours look rather bright, but I didn't tinker with them, it was just the bright afternoon sunlight having some fun.

I hope you found some sunny spots in your week.

It's your turn.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Mad Dash

Welcome to ☀Sunlit Sunday. It's a bit of a mad dash to get this post up and ready by (roughly) 8 pm. Emails are flying back and forth. I'm lucky enough to have some new furniture arriving Tuesday morning, but I just found out today it was ready and I still have the old sofa and chairs in my living room.

Emails to a couple of places that might take donations. Emails to a young woman I know who has seen it and sat upon it and thinks it would suit her just fine. I'm sending photos to her and pointing out the items do have some issues. Let just say the artfully tossed throws are there for a reason! I hope she takes my advice and comes over to take a good long look at each piece before she and her husband rent a trailer, just in case.

Meanwhile, the pot of tulips is still hanging in, catching the light and looking lovely. The Christmas cactus, which had a few blooms in December seems to have plans to produce some flowers for Easter.

The sunny, afternoon light show will go on later in the day, once the clocks change this weekend and we "spring forward". If you're in Saskatchewan, you needn't bother! For those who live in other countries, Saskatchewan is one of Canada's western provinces and the only one that does not set the clocks forward an hour in springtime and back an hour in the fall. You may not have known that, but perhaps you've heard of our new Prime Minister's visit to Washington. Justin Trudeau has made quite a splash!

The wonderful foster beast. Little does she know her living room is about to be torn apart. She is a sunny presence in my home and makes me laugh every day. I'd write more, but Mya has decided to rub her head on my laptop in a plea for attention. She is not to be ignored!

I hope you all have a lovely new week!
It's your turn.


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